Help Evgeniya Radilova Duckworth be the next Maxim Cover Girl and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Homes for Wounded Warriors. Last year's donation helped build five new homes for disabled veterans in need; help us build even more this year!

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Evgeniya Radilova Duckworth

Frequently asked questions

Can I message a competitor?
When purchasing votes, regardless of if a reward is chosen, you will be given the opportunity to send a short message to the model (limited to 250 characters).

Can I vote and remain anonymous?
Yes. When purchasing votes, you may enter what name is displayed to the competitor.

What portion of proceeds goes to charity?
A minimum of 25% of the proceeds from the competition will be donated to Homes for Wounded Warriors. To date, we have donated $740,627.45!

Are my votes tax deductible?
No, vote purchases do not qualify for a tax deduction. Donations are made by Crow Vote LLC. dba Maxim Cover Girl.

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