Miranda Bucy

Just a single mom living and working in Huntsville, AL. It isn’t as boring as it sounds, I promise.

Placed 10th

in the Quarter-Finals

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What is Miranda Bucy's secret talent?

By far, my best secret talent is that I’m an excellent cook. I worked in fine dining and hospitality for nearly two decades and picked up a lot from the talented people I worked for.

What would Miranda Bucy do with the $25,000?

My daughter, Tallulah, has Down Syndrome, and I would use the money to buy some property for her near our home so she can be as independent as possible when she’s older. I’m a single parent with full custody, and I work full time, but this would go a long way towards helping with that. I want people to know that people with DS can absolutely live on their own and lead full, happy lives-they just need a little extra help and love!