Marianela Gonzalez

I’m Lulu & totally embrace being a twin. I entertain the tri-state with my sis on iheart radio’s 103.5 KTU. I love to bring joy to people.

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What is Marianela Gonzalez's secret talent?

I have mastered the ability to speak as one with my twin. In unison too! Lol We know how to finish each other's sentences without cutting each other off. Twin telepathy is real. One simple look and we know exactly what we are thinking without saying a word. We also sing.

What would Marianela Gonzalez do with the $25,000?

If I were voted your cover girl, I would give the money to my parents. I would give them the $25,000 to help pay the mortgage off or go on the vacation they rightfully deserve. The love, support and strength they give to me and continue to do so is PRICELESS. Family Above All, is my motto ! They took care of us when we were younger, now it's my turn to take care of them.

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