Lisey Sweet

Research Scientist turned Pornstar.Nominated 80+ adult video awards/published in Nature Medicine.Producer/Director.Hardcore Blonde Bombshell

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What is Lisey Sweet's secret talent?

My secret talent is being able to understand people's curiosities and desires to help them expand and explore their sexuality. Through my job, I am accessible to my fans (sometimes even hands-on). By helping them identify their untapped sexual potential they can search for or even become the thing that they desire the most.

What would Lisey Sweet do with the $25,000?

During COVID, I traveled across the US visiting over 25 cities and driving thousands of miles. I wanted to see America, people, big cities, and tiny towns. I absorbed the culture and as a filmmaker, I want to capture the beauty of it all and turn it into a genuine and unique film. With $25k I would make an unforgettable film that transcends the dark corners of the internet with its powerful psychological connection that makes people feel seen, understood, and a part of my adventure.

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