Julie Ann Dawson

Julie is a combination of the 3 B’s: Beauty, Brains, Badass! She's a SAG actress, martial artist, model, CEO & master energy healer.

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What is Julie Ann Dawson's secret talent?

To me, the way of the Jedi is my superpower. I have become the master of myself, which includes becoming physically present, balancing the mind, body, & spirit through years of martial arts training with Krav Maga, and as a master of multiple energy healing techniques. Both disciplines have allowed me to overcome obstacles in my own life & serve as a beacon of light, to uplift & heal others who need it most. When the mind, body & spirit are in sync, there is nothing that we can’t achieve.

What would Julie Ann Dawson do with the $25,000?

Covid had a significant impact on me personally, having suffered from it directly, while also taking a toll on my career financially. If I am selected, I would allocate money directly into my savings for a reset. Additionally, I would make a contribution to Oceana, a nonprofit organization dedicated to global conservation and restoration of the world’s oceans & marine life.

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