Jelena Idzanovic

Hello my name is Jelena Idzanovic, I am Croatian/Canadian. My biggest passion in life is to inspire as many lives as I come in contact with.

Placed 19th

in her group

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What is Jelena Idzanovic's secret talent?

My greatest gift or talent is being adaptable to many ongoing changes as well as different environments in everyday life. I am a very intuitive individual. When it comes to helping people, I feel that I have a very gentle and articulate approach to problem solving. I love to live a beautiful life and one of my secret talents is to help and encourage all those around me to live a life that is beautiful and with full intention.

What would Jelena Idzanovic do with the $25,000?

If I was voted to be a Cover Girl, I would donate half of my prize money to a special organization for underprivileged youths who are less fortunate to have the tools that they need to learn and progress in life. Even though I know it won’t help everyone in need I do feel that small gestures do help make a difference in making big changes. As for the other half of the prize money I would like to use it to invest in myself to further my career in modelling and beauty.