Jasmine A. De La Paz

I am an intelligent, resilient, fierce, brave, and loving Latina. I am a proud first generation Scholar. Full time student and banker.

Placed 5th

in her group

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What is Jasmine A. De La Paz's secret talent?

My secret talent is my intelligence. My brain. I have gone through several careers throughout my life. From working at a swimming pool as a locker girl and interpreter, to retail, to banking, a Lawfirm, car sales, police department victim services investigations unit, and right back to banking. Now I am jumping into modeling and back into pre-law. I value my intelligence because it has gotten me to where I am at now. I have worked my whole life to get here all thanks to God, my family, & friends

What would Jasmine A. De La Paz do with the $25,000?

I have gone through so much in the past three years of my life where I doubted myself constantly. I came back this year. I struggled with my own health issues while taking care of my grandmother who was battling breast cancer. I also went through a divorce… I re-registered as a full time pre-law student while working full time to follow my dreams and took the big step of jumping into the modeling world. I would use this money towards my dream of law school and helping my family.