Hannah Foxx

I’m a sex educator, disability specialist, and neurodiversity advocate who works to help people have better relationships and confidence.

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What is Hannah Foxx's secret talent?

I love working on electronics and information technology and I have a passion for the psychology of intimacy and the human brain! Current projects include building custom retro gaming emulator systems built on Raspberry Pi architecture, collaborating with medical docs & psychology specialists to discuss the types of physio&psychological dysfunctions that can keep people from connecting with one another, & I collaborate with other experts on neurodiversity to increase public awareness.

What would Hannah Foxx do with the $25,000?

Autism, neurodiversity, and POTs in general are very misunderstood topics, and people on the spectrum need a go-to resource to help them understand their intimate relationships! Being your cover girl means giving me a platform to remind people that human intimacy is a need for people with disabilities, and gives me a chance to collaborate with other sexual health experts to make publishing content that makes that information more accessible for everybody!

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