Emily Cortes

I’m an outgoing woman that knows how to work hard & act on determination. Focusing on my goals allows me to keep pushing forward.

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What is Emily Cortes's secret talent?

I get it from my dad, who I told this to first and just told me he had the exact same thing. We both are great at analyzing and interpreting music to the point of being able to replicate a song by hearing it. Usually it takes me one or two times to hear a song to find the notes and replicate it on the piano or any other instrument. My father plays the sax, so that’s usually the instrument he can do it on.

What would Emily Cortes do with the $25,000?

$25,000 would change my life. I have a huge dream of become a renowned film director but my expenses have escalated ever since tuition went up & my mom grew ill. Having this money would not only bring hope to my dream, but it will mean everything to the family I hold dear.

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