Chesney Hebert

I am Chesney Claire. I want to WIN this cover and looking forward to the photoshoot in France!

Placed 4th

in the Quarter-Finals

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What is Chesney Hebert's secret talent?

I can sing, (which is NOT a hidden talent)- I have over 1/2 a million Spotify streams BUT what people DON'T KNOW is that I can CALL AN ALLIGATOR with my MOUTH right up to me! I can make them come from miles away!

What would Chesney Hebert do with the $25,000?

I am just 21 years old. I moved across the country from Louisiana to Las Vegas in search of making my music dream come true w/o the support of any family except Moms. If I had $25,000, I would see a TON of my music dreams COME TRUE. Being an Independent artist means you pay for everything in your career YOURSELF. My music career is brutal but the way to negotiate this is to have money. I'm using this opportunity to earn money and increase my social media following for my career in music/film.