Brittany DaGrava

Marine Corps veteran, currently a firefighter/EMT, in 2023 Firehouse Dolls calendar, have a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Placed 6th

in her group

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What is Brittany DaGrava's secret talent?

The tricky part of this question is the word “secret!” Very few people know that I am actually a rather talented painter. I love to make art from children’s hand and footprints! I have made an entire beach scene out of tiny hands and feet!

What would Brittany DaGrava do with the $25,000?

My dream is to own my own RV so that I can travel wherever my wheels take me. I envision nights out in the woods with my friends after a day of backpacking and many, MANY adventures with my children someday. Seeing the world is better than just reading about it! Adventure awaits!