Austyn O’Neill

I am a 27 year old mother that lives in AZ. I lost 175 pounds and work in the addiction treatment field to change lives of people like me.

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What is Austyn O’Neill's secret talent?

After my dad passed , I made it my goal to achieve ultimate health. I turned my struggles and defects into assets and used them as inspiration for others to find a better way to live. After losing the weight, I decided to treat myself to a shoot with Boudoir by J Anderson to celebrate my progress. The photographer asked me, "Have you ever modeled before? " My answer was simple, no. I believe my secret talents are that I come alive in front of a camera and that I use my past to benefit others.

What would Austyn O’Neill do with the $25,000?

If I was voted to be the cover girl I would use the $25,000 dollars as capital to fulfill my years long dream of opening up my own drug and alcohol substance abuse treatment center. I am human and have faced many struggles in life but have had the willingness and drive to turn my life around. My motto now is, "I came out of hell carrying buckets of ice water for the people still stuck there." In short, I would use the money to help struggling addicts and advance my career at the same time!

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