I’m the type of person who fails over and over again at things I want to be great at, but I never fail at trying. I trust my process.

Placed 13th

in her group

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What is Zaida's secret talent?

As boring as it may seem I love to write. I love to write story that come to mind weather in the good or bad times but sometimes I can’t always write a story to tell exactly how I feel. So, whenever I feel an overwhelming emotion I always turn to music and honestly a lot of the time it comes out terrible. But if that’s how I’m feeling in that moment then it came out perfect.

What would Zaida do with the $25,000?

I would wan’t to say I would give it to a family member or maybe save for college but I wouldn’t. I would invest in myself, because I’m a person who believes that learning another languages is more important than finding the “x” for a mathematical equation. I choose my type of education because to be quit frank mitochondria doesn’t interest me and it probably doesn’t interest a lot of people but the only difference between me and them is that I have an opportunity to choose my education.