Taylor Temple

Life isn’t about finding ourselves, it’s about creating ourselves. Forever chasing sunrises & sunsets.

Placed 5th

in her group

We would like to thank you for supporting Taylor Temple in this year's competition. Your support enables our company to continue to contribute to Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors and make a difference in the lives of disabled veterans and their families.

What is Taylor Temple's secret talent?

My secret Talent is singing - every road trip is front row tickets to watch me live in concert

What would Taylor Temple do with the $25,000?

I would pay off debt & invest the remainder into my business. Mind & Body by Temple helps women strengthen their relationships with their Mind & Body. Start event planning to empower Women. My vision is to host women empowerment weekend getaways. From life skills, to seminars. I have the blue prints, I just need the funds to support the vision. As women it’s our nature to nurture, this will empower women to nurture & prioritize themselves for a weekend.