Tamara Mena

Spinal cord injury SURVIVOR• Thankful to be ALIVE. I’m driven to keep♿️ Motivate & change perceptions‼️DISABLED & PROUD‼️🙌

Placed 7th

in the Quarter-Finals

We would like to thank you for supporting Tamara Mena in this year's competition. Your support enables our company to continue to contribute to Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors and make a difference in the lives of disabled veterans and their families.

What is Tamara Mena's secret talent?

I have the ability to make people feel heard and feel special. I love to be able to encourage people! I have gone through so much in life, but to know that my story gives strength to others, makes me feel like there’s a reason I’ve gone through all of it and if I can help others, that’s a blessing!

What would Tamara Mena do with the $25,000?

My family & I live in Los Angeles. They have sacrificed many things to be here with me because they believe in me. However, we live in an apartment & we really need more space. Me being a wheelchair user, I will also need special adaptations to make sure it’s accessible for me. So I would use that money to buy a house for my family. That is truly our dream (we pray together as a family for that every night) & I cannot wait for the day we can have our own home! I would also donate a portion.🙏