Emmalee Bish

I’m currently enrolled in cosmetology school. After I graduate I’d like to open up my own salon that employees choose their own schedules.

Placed 7th

in her group

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What is Emmalee Bish's secret talent?

My secret talent is being understanding. There is many life situations that happen on a daily basis that we can’t control such as sick kids, schedules not working out, etc.

What would Emmalee Bish do with the $25,000?

If I was voted for the cover girl I’d use the $25,000 to pay off school so after I graduate I can open an salon that is open like noon-8pm or something around there and the employees choose what works for them and let their clients know and if there’s an emergency they just let someone know and we do something to let the clients know or someone else do the clients. I would like for people to have an open schedule without feeling like they are gonna get fired when it comes down to situations.