Deven Brown

There is always room for growth. Every day is a new day to be grateful and experienced this life on earth.

Placed 16th

in her group

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What is Deven Brown's secret talent?

My secret talent is being able to see clips of the future in my dreams. Like deja vu, but sometimes I can remember before it happens. I’ve done so much as warned a friend about an injury that could’ve been avoided. I cannot control it how ever it comes and goes as it pleases.

What would Deven Brown do with the $25,000?

With the 25000 the first thing I would do is cry because I’ve never had access to an amount of money like that before. I’ve worked since I was 14 years old to live so I would then give atleast a thousand dollars to charity even before I start spending. Later I would shop, take care of my family , INVEST, and after put it into an account with compound interest so I could make money from my money :)