Calypso Catalfamo

My name is Calypso Catalfamo, I am currently a college student looking for new opportunities! I am full Italian and very bubbly and fun!

Placed 26th

in her group

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What is Calypso Catalfamo's secret talent?

I am a die hard Taylor Swift fan and can guess the name of any of her songs in any of her albums by playing the first 5 seconds of it! I know all swifties would understand.

What would Calypso Catalfamo do with the $25,000?

$25,000 would really help me get into my dream college, UCLA! I am a really dedicated student and have always been really driven to become a psychiatrist. I could also potentially use some of the money to go to Italy and see my grandma whom I miss very much as she has just recovered from COVID-19.