Adriana Runee

Very sweet, friendly, and down to earth. I love to stay active and meditate daily. I enjoy exploring new places and going on adventures.

Placed 8th

in the Quarter-Finals

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What is Adriana Runee's secret talent?

I’m really good at video games! A bit of a geek growing up and playing on different computer games. I used to have an emulator that allowed me to have every Nintendo Game created at my fingertips. Overall a tomboy that would play sports, video games and I’m also an amazing cook!

What would Adriana Runee do with the $25,000?

I’ve always dreamt of doing a trip to Europe! I’ve never been before and would love to travel once it’s safe to do do. I would love experience the culture and just explore the streets, do some shopping but most importantly indulge in their food and red wine.