Passionate, energetic, positivity power house and true role model. Mental health professional who teaches preschool children with autism. ❤️

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I am most passionate about mental health. Alzheimer’s disease and Autism namely. Being a teacher and former trainer, I want to train our caregivers and our teachers in methods of communication. We live in a very different time now with different stressors. We have all had to adjust to a very different way of life very quickly. There is a need for online counseling that people can afford. I have solutions and I truly believe in helping lift the fallen. I represent positivity and hope.❤️

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I am in the early phases of production for my own food TV show. It’s family oriented and while I am unable to spill the beans right now, I will be able to tell you in the next few weeks and I can promise you it will be loved and well received by everyone. ❤️