Dwhitney Johnson

Hello! I’m a fun loving single mom , a model and aspiring entrepreneur. Everyday I’m working on becoming a better version of myself!


voting resumes July 6th

Dwhitney Johnson took 1st place in her group and has entered the Quarter-Finals! Voting to determine the next Maxim Cover Girl resumes Monday July 6th. Stay tuned!

Winner to be featured on the cover of

Everyone has a secret talent, what is yours?

I like to showcase most of my talents so there’s nothing really hidden about it lol but I love cooking I can make almost anything from scratch. I can beat a face ,love playing in makeup .I’ve never danced before but know lots of pole tricks. Oh yea & I can carry a note ,me and my cousin made singing group as kids lol

If you were voted our cover girl, what would you do with $25,000?

If voted the cover girl I’d use the money to grow my dreams and prepare for my sons future. To be able to take a small break from work and solely work towards my goals would be a amazing gift I won’t take for granted