Alison Furderer

I am an honest woman, and love the simplicity of natural beauty. I enjoy living on Kauai, surfing, cooking and raising our son by the ocean.


voting resumes July 6th

Alison Furderer took 1st place in her group and has entered the Quarter-Finals! Voting to determine the next Maxim Cover Girl resumes Monday July 6th. Stay tuned!

Winner to be featured on the cover of

Everyone has a secret talent, what is yours?

Aside from being good at playing billiards, I’m also strong and resilient. Surviving a near death experience. Now a mother, I feel super human. (I fell off a cliff during my birthday party). From being in a wheelchair, to walking, to rocking a pair of high heels down a runway in a bikini, keeping up with my 4 year old grom son, or surfing. I’ve had to recreate and redefine myself, it wasn’t my time. I love empowering others, and helping them overcome life’s challenges too.

If you were voted our cover girl, what would you do with $25,000?

If I was to win, I would be floored! I have wanted a career in modeling my whole life! I would use that money to invest in my family, travel, and get the much needed new surf truck for our family adventures. As an Occupational Therapist Assistant, I adore people. I have worked with all ages, races, cultures and with many different medical conditions. Becoming the patient, and rehabilitating myself, I have gained that much more empathy and understanding. I would donate to help a family in need.