emily lazar

60% Marilyn, 40% Audrey... 100% Artist. I exist to move minds and open hearts... show beauty within our shared imperfections.

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I used to be a professional ballerina and can still do pointe work. I actually have 10 pairs of new and used point shoes from my tenure of being a pro dancer. .... I also sing.... Actually I sing in a trans media project/ hard rock band I created which is based on the characters/ storyline from a comic book series I wrote. The graphic novel is published through Image comics. It's all called September Mourning. Oh, did I mention I can metal scream too? Long live Rock and Roll.

If you were voted our cover girl, what would you do with $25,000?

As an artist... musician, writer, creator.... the money would go into my art and facilitate bringing the ideas I have in my head and my heart to life.... and there are quite a few of them ;)