Kali Nortridge

My name is Kali Nortridge Im 18 years old 5’4 110lbs Very outgoing, charismatic, dedicated, hard-working, fun, genuine & selfless

Thank you

for your support

Placed 16th

in west group eleven

On behalf of Maxim Cover Girl and Homes for Wounded Warriors, we would like to thank you for helping us support our injured veterans.

Everyone has a secret talent, what is yours?

That's a hard one... I can actually act pretty well and i can cross one eye while the other one is straight!! lol Also, I don't know if this counts or not but i have immaculate people skills. <3

If you were voted our cover girl, what would you do with $25,000?

If I won the $25,000, Of course I would definitely give back! I would donate some to a charity I support and help my family out tremendously. Also, I would use this money for school and put the rest away for savings and investments for my future.